Street Art


Last year I was invited by the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art to participate in the downtown new year’s eve event “Secret Eve.” It’s an event where 13 artists create some-what hidden street art and new year revelers hunt to find each one. It was my first street art project and I knew exactly how I wanted to create a public piece.

When I paint, my palette that I work from becomes a blend of color and each palette chromatically represents a painting I’ve completed. I tend to use and re-use one paper palette for each acrylic piece whether it is 48″x62″ or a 12″x12″. I have never considered the mixing surface as an art piece it’s self, but found something beautiful in each one. The paint is thin and transparent in some areas, while other parts are thick with layers of flesh tone fading from a warm beige to a blush. My abstract palettes are vibrant with each bright color complementing another.

So I used it.

Peeling paint from a palette is tricky, edges tear and stretch. Portions uncontrollably rip and can be replaced in combinations different than they were originally formed. As a result, the acrylic created something representing a cluster of continents floating upon the surface which it was applied.


This particular palette comes from Yellow Hibiscus on Blue.

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